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Anu Sachar

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Anu Sachar

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Anu is an internationally acclaimed holistic coach and recipient of multiple awards. Masters in Psychology and PCC credential (ICF) she has over 25 years of experience in Coaching, Corporate HR, Training and Psychology.

She celebrates life, co-creating with clients beautiful, meaningful journeys integrating their well-being holistically. Connecting deeper with the GIFTS Model, clients achieve extraordinary results by "Being" in oneness through their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Partnering with clients in empowering self, she facilitates manifesting their highest potential in personal & professional life.

What was your motivation to specialize in leadership coaching, and how has your background influenced your coaching style and methodology?

Growing up in an Armed Forces home (my father served the Indian Army) , built the foundation of a fair, equitable workplace and society, instilling values of DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging).

As a Psychologist and Human Resources professional, infinite potential of human minds inspires me. Blessed to experience clients self-discover resources within to manifest their fulfilling and meaningful life.

Leadership development has been a significant aspect of my journey. Coaching leaders to foster a robust legacy, left indelible imprints in my being as their trusted partner. Personally, my growth is deeply rooted in Yoga and spirituality. The state of oneness with fusion of mind, body, spirit and deep inner silence is transformational.

My integrated coaching style continues to evolve offering Holistic Coaching with focus on systemic approach and convergence of spiritual and scientific i.e. integrating spirituality with psychological scientific practice. My GIFTS coaching model reflects this integration with clear action plans to Be Better Every day.

Share a success story where your coaching significantly impacted a leader's career or their organization's performance?

My successful client in India, with a diverse, multicultural and, multilingual team, aspired global expansion. Global needs explored -
¥ thinking strategically, holistically
¥ developing entrepreneurial mindset
¥ overcoming blocks around global executive presence

Systemic Coaching using Business Constellations delivered value to integrate global vision with all constituents - teams, colleagues, investors, customers, partners and local community.

Client observed exulting transformations in their thinking, actions as a whole organisation. Single shift of one constituent in the constellations field, seamlessly integrated all other constituents.

Beginning to think strategically, holistic coaching addressed blocks both the CEO and team felt. Yoga helped explore interconnected facets of mind, body and spirit. This immersive experience revealed a myriad of embedded emotions. Meditation, mindfulness, asanas, breathing enabled profound insights, gradually opening their hearts to clear blocks within, unlocking their potential. They expressed with deep courage and joy, acknowledging their uniqueness.

Enriched with inner balance and clarity of mind, my client blended science and spirit for empowered executive presence. With entrepreneurial mindset, focus on learning agility and adaptive behaviours, the team confidently communicated with potential global clients. The CEO set out a strategy to expand internationally. The team today celebrates their journey and gives back to society by looking after under privileged children.

In your experience, what are the most common challenges that leaders face today, and how do you assist them in overcoming these obstacles?

Holistic and systemic leadership coaching combines goals with yogic practices. Meditation, breathing and mindfulness lead to being present in the now, self-awareness and detachment i.e. developing an inner state of calm and contentment. Ensuing realisation leaders have is that VUCA and other external changes are not problems to be solved. They are shifts in our perspective of the world. Focus on what is possible rather than on what is likely to occur (determined more from past experiences). Leaders shift their style to transformational leadership , inclusively embracing current organisational strategic and tactical approach.

Challenges leaders face today -
¥ Managing a remote workforce
¥ Increasing international competition
¥ Employee well-being
¥ Managing generational differences
¥ Adapting to technology advancements
¥ Managing Talent shortages

What key skills and attributes are essential for business professionals to excel in leadership roles in today's global economy and, more specifically, in Mumbai?

Mumbai, an eclectic mix of Indian heritage and global cultures, is home to large business houses, multi-nationals and entrepreneurs. It has rich, diverse talent, supportive ecosystem and co-working spaces.

Leadership, life lessons in India are derived from principles of karma and sacred scriptures, enabling continuous learning in 3 steps -

¥ Sravana- Listening to understand what one hears.
(Deep listening).

¥ Ma–ana - Reflecting what is heard with self-awareness.
(Paraphrasing, summarising deep listening).

¥ Nidhyaasana - Practice reflective understanding for
self-realisation. ("who" of the client)

Mumbai leaders are business heads, mentors, coaches and philosophers. They are learning agile with adaptive behaviours. Demonstrating integrity, self-awareness, resilience in Mumbai's fast moving pace, leaders collaborate to execute strategy. Leaders reflect humility, compassion, empathy, deep gratitude and respect for all concerned. Balancing their lives inside-out with Yogic vinyasa (in flow with breath and life force) and well-being, they enjoy celebrating, festivals and family time together. Further, this extends to their philanthropic and social responsibility goals.

Globally, these leaders are contributing at multiple levels towards business, society, families and relationships creating a sustainable future, resilient to VUCA world's challenges.

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