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Who should apply?

Eligible individuals and companies within the financial sector are encouraged to apply. For more information, contact the Awards Manager and Global Coordinator.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no fee to apply.

What determines eligibility?

Eligibility is based on direct applications ( Votes) and research conducted by Universal Media / Finance Monthly using public and private databases.

What happens if I win?

Upon winning, you will first receive an email notification, followed by a phone call. You will be invited to be part of the exclusive Finance Monthly Awards – Winners’ edition.

What is the exclusive Finance Monthly Awards – Winners’ edition?

This edition is a special publication, available both as a hard copy and digitally, showcasing the winners and their firms. You can choose to submit a biography, individual or firm profile, or participate in an editorial Q&A interview.

Can I include my photo or photos in the Awards edition?

Certainly, you can include photos in all profile options, whether it’s a biography or a Q&A interview.

Can I be on the front cover of the awards edition?

The front cover predominately features one person or firm. There are other front cover options available for photographs, logos and front cover headlines. If interested, please express your interest to the awards team.

Will I receive a physical award?

We produce a range of physical awards, typically trophies and certificates, please note that a manufacturing cost does apply. For more information contact the Awards Manager.

Who will see the Finance Monthly Awards – Winners’ edition?

The edition will reach over 1 million people globally. It will be printed, produced digitally, hosted online, and promoted across major social media platforms.

Can I nominate someone who is not a financial professional or nominate myself as a non-financial professional?

Yes, the awards recognize excellence in various sectors, including financial professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and other influential figures.

Winning a Finance Monthly Award offers numerous benefits and the value it brings continues well beyond the award ceremony. Our past winners can attest to the impact it has had on their professional journey.

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