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Miguel Reynders

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Miguel Reynders

Reynders & Co

Founder of Reynders & Co and leader of its Regulatory Compliance & Corporate Finance Practice, Miguel is one of the firm’s most experienced client’s counselors on issues of strategy, growth, and business transformation.

Miguel REYNDERS is the founder of Reynders & Co Throughout his professional career, he has developed an expertise in many areas as he has an extensive experience with international companies and law firms.

He is an excellent advisor to identify and anticipate clients’ requests and propose solutions tailored to the goals pursued. His approach is global and includes both legal, tax as well as economic and financial aspects of complex operations.

Frequently requested by both private and professional Belgian and international investors, Miguel Reynders advises his clients and defends their financial and legal interests. He is very highly regarded by clients for his technical knowledge and negotiating skills. He represents clients on both sell and buy-side transactions. He is part of the board of directors of numerous companies and investment funds, and a guest speaker and author of professional legal and tax publications.

Following the emergence of numerous anti-abuse measures, including FATCA, CRS and BEPS, Miguel REYNDERS has developed complementary compliance expertise to comply with legal obligations that affect his clients.

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