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Greg Noble

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Greg Noble

Ernst & Young LLP

"Greg Noble is a partner at EY and leader of the Transfer Pricing West Practice. Greg takes a client-centric approach to transfer pricing by solving clients’ most critical challenges in a practical and value-added manner. With over 25 years of transfer pricing experience, Greg leverages best practices to deliver exceptional client service.

Greg has experience in a wide variety of industries including:
- Private Equity & Pensions – Serving as the Global Client Service Partner and lead transfer pricing partner to one of Canada’s largest pensions.

- Mining & Energy – Assisting global mining companies with the following minerals: gold, silver, copper, diamonds, cobalt, iron, aluminium, zinc, magnesium, nickel, coal, rare earth minerals and uranium. Energy projecst have included: O&G producers and distributors, oilfied services, hydro, wind, solar, water, water treatment and regulated utilities

- Media & Technology – Serving most major media companies in Canada as well as companies in the digital animation and special FX industry - Retail – Serving many of the largest retailers in
Canada including extensive dispute resolution and Advance Pricing Agreements

- Agriculture & Food – Providing Ag, produce and food companies with operating margin optimization planning, dispute resolution and global documentation.

Most recently, Greg has been a member of the Supply Chain Task Force, which is an initiative to bring together the transactional economic skills of the transfer pricing practice with the advisory skills of the Counsulting practice to deliver exceptional value by optimizing global supply chains.

In addition to serving transfer pricing clients, Greg was the Canadian National Market Leader for the Transfer Pricing practice from 2007-2010. He was also the BC Tax Leader and member of the National Tax Operating Committee from 2011-2018 and from 2017-2019 Greg was a member of the Amercias Advisory Council.

Greg is also an Adjuct Professor at at the University of British Columbia Law School where he teaches in the Masters of Law in Taxation program at Allard Hall."

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