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Stephen Osho

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Stephen Osho

Comercio Partners, Ltd.

Stephen Osho is a Co-Managing Partner at Comercio Partners Limited( a boutique Investment Banking Firm} and a member of the company's executive management team, where he oversees Advisory. He is a member of the Nigerian Capital Market, the Institute of Directors Nigeria (IOD), a former deputy chair of the Financial Markets Dealers Association's bond workgroup (FMDA) and a fellow of the Institute of Credit Administration.

Stephen also serves on the board of M778, a boutique marketing communications advisory firm, an advisory partner at I-scholar Initiative, and Avale Africa, a goodwill synergy platform designed for corporations and non-governmental organizations to champion causes consistent with their social responsibility. His breadth of knowledge and operational experience in team building and business growth is enormously beneficial, allowing him to contribute to Comercio Partners' strategic direction and long-term sustainable success.

Stephen has over two decades of extensive experience in banking and financial services. He is a passionate Change Management and Performance Advocate devoted to the notion that organizations must take a cautious drift from conventional methodology to foment change that merits attention. Stephen has facilitated several trainings for large corporate organizations, sovereign, and subnational governments, and has been active within the community to drive diversity and inclusion.

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