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Hekuran Neziri

Scardian Insurance

Transforming Kosovo's Insurance Market

Can you tell us about Scardian's history and how the company came to be so successful?

Scardian stands out as one of the most recent entrants into Kosovo's insurance market, quickly rising to leading company among its competitors. We embarked on this journey with a team of experienced professionals and our shareholders. Starting from scratch, we meticulously planned every step of our development.

From the outset, our aim was not only to establish our presence but also to educate both the market and our customers. We initiated campaigns to raise public awareness about insurance while refining certain products to make them more accessible and understandable. What truly distinguished us in the market, however, was our commitment to promptly settling claims, which significantly enhanced clients' trust in our company.

With each passing day, we have steadily cultivated a local brand known for providing protection and improving quality of life. Our symbol stands as a testament to our dedication to safeguarding our clients' interests and simplifying their lives.

What have been some key achievements for Scardian over the years?

Our strategy was not driven solely by numbers, but rather by a focus on quality and serving our clients. We aimed to tailor appropriate coverage for every business and family, ensuring they felt safe and secure.

When we started in 2015 as a new company in the market, it was challenging to establish our professionalism and credibility with clients. We pioneered several initiatives, including being the first company to introduce online sales for multiple products, providing coverage for households in the diaspora, and developing an online calculator for clients to generate their own offers and coverage plans.
Given that our market is primarily driven by Mandatory Third-Party Liability (MTPL) insurance, a significant achievement is that our portfolio is evenly split between obligatory and voluntary products. This balance has been steadily increasing each year. One of our key accomplishments during these years is that over 80% of our clients choose to renew their policies, demonstrating their satisfaction and trust in our services.

How has the Insurance industry changed over time and how does the team at Scardian adapt to serve the clients?

In general the changes in insurance industry are driven by the regulator based on new economic indicators, technological advances and client's preferences.

During the years of operation there have been several changes in legislation and we were pioneer of these changes and adapted very easily because of our financial strength and team expertise.

In our market the insurance industry is a traditional. Basically all the product that the market offers are traditional products, as I mentioned before we have modified some products like CASCO, household, health insurance, etc.

Can you tell us what the process is when making sure a client recovers from an accident as you promise they will be able to resume usual life with your help?

The claim handling process in our company consists of several straightforward steps. We have established partnerships with nearly all private hospitals and maintain contracts with international assistance services worldwide, ensuring 24/7 support for our clients. Additionally, we collaborate with authorized car dealers both domestically and across Europe.

For instance, in the event of a medical emergency requiring hospitalization, our approval process takes mere minutes, and the client incurs no upfront costs as we directly settle payments with the hospital. Similarly, for car accidents, once a claim is reported through our various channels (office, email, phone), we promptly advise the client on necessary actions. Depending on the accident's nature, the vehicle's condition, and the extent of damage, we arrange for the car to be taken to a repair shop within the day, again with no immediate costs to the client, as per our terms and conditions.

Furthermore, we ensure quality control of the services provided to our clients through our customer service department. The fact that over 80% of our clients return to us for insurance needs speaks volumes about the satisfaction and trust they have in our services.

As Scardian offers so many services from car, home, and property to travel insurance can you tell us the process of making sure each area is up to standard providing excellent service in all areas?

The Scardian Company always strives to be as close to its customers as possible, a commitment demonstrated best by its widespread presence throughout the territory of Kosovo, with over 50 offices and more than 30 sales points. In addition to our sales points, our clients have the opportunity to access all the services we offer in our offices online as well.

To elaborate on the aforementioned question, we will explain the sales process, which passes through several phases:

1. Initially, when a client submits an insurance request, our staff is trained to understand the client's needs and provide the best advice possible so that the client ultimately obtains the appropriate insurance.

2. Once we have gathered all necessary information from the client and conducted a property inspection, the request for insurance is forwarded to the Underwriting department, which operates independently from the sales department.

3. After review by the underwriting department, if all the required criteria set by Scardian Company are met, approval is sought from the commission, which includes representatives from the sales department, underwriting department, and the CEO of the company.

Commitment, professionalism of our team and customer care continue to be the key factors that the products we offer are with the highest standards in the market.

The key fact of our excellence service is that each and every year we are growing as a company and each and every year our number of clients is higher and higher.

What should we expect from Scardian in the future, what is next for an already thriving company?

The future appears promising for us. Our team remains committed to providing our utmost efforts to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations. As a company, we are currently developing new products that will once again position us ahead of the competition. Recognizing the rapidly changing times, we are heavily investing in advanced technologies aimed at enhancing all aspects of our processes, including the overall client experience.

Our long term strategy is to offer our excellence experience also outside the Kosovan borders

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