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Eric-Olivier Savoie

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Eric-Olivier Savoie

National Bank Investments (NBI)

ƒric-Olivier Savoie is President and CEO of National Bank Investments (NBI) and Senior Vice-President of the Investments Solutions sector. In this role, he is responsible for NBI's vision, strategy and asset management activities in an open architecture context.

With more than 15 years at National Bank, his distinctive career in fields as varied as full-service brokerage, managed solutions engineering, money market, institutional brokerage, prime brokerage and private wealth management enabled him to develop in-depth knowledge of the Wealth Management and Financial Markets sectors.

With a bachelor degree in Business Administration - Finance from UQAM's School of Management, ƒric-Olivier was named one of the 2016 Top 25 in the Quebec financial industry in the "Under 40" category by Finance Investissement.

National Bank Investments Inc. (NBI) is an investment fund management firm committed to manufacturing and distributing mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, investment solutions and services designed to help Canadian investors pursue their financial goals. National Bank Investments Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada.

As a key partner in the investment industry, our strength lies in designing managed solutions that provide optimal risk-adjusted returns over the long term, for all investor profiles.

Being a reputable top-tier asset manager, our open architecture structure allows us to select first-rate investment talent from top global management firms.

Our vision is to be a client-centric, top-tier Canadian asset manager, dedicated to creating value.

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