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Debbie Neiteler

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Debbie Neiteler (James) is a legacy lawyer and custodian of Austin & Carnley Solicitors, a law firm established in the 1800's with an impressive Private Client Team.

Her work and personal experience has led her to establish herself as a thought leader on legacy and the impact estate planning can have. At heart Debbie is a humanitarian and is consistently seeking ways in which she can have impact through her work both for the planet and its inhabitants.

Her four pillar approach to estate planning is done through her signature method called the Legacy Cycle which is a four pillar process of Connection-Creation-Celebration & Curation©. This interconnection across time and generations combined with an understanding of those who came before and a responsibility to
those who will come after is a golden thread that
spans humanity and creates significant meaning to one's life.

Generational Wealth is twofold and Debbie and her team help clients to understand both the impact they can have through their own living legacies as well as understanding that proper planning now can lead to future generations being able to do the same.

Financial legacy is fundamental to creating stability and opportunity not only for children and relatives but for anyone or anything that a client is passionate about.

The impact of being able to leave a legacy however small allows clients to extend their philanthropic impact beyond their lifetime. Today we see more clients wanting to embrace living legacies and gift wealth in their lifetime. Where their estate allows, this is a wonderful way to enjoy the impact of your legacy and make memories with loved ones together.
Debbie's leadership on Legacy goes beyond the financial and estate planning and explores the many kinds of legacy one can create often spurred from a love or passion of a particular interest. Spending your time in conservation or volunteering can be even more fruitful than a monetary legacy. How we live each day is a creation of our living legacy whether that is fruitful or not.

Nelson Henderson said that the true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade we will never sit. Debbie encourages her clients to embrace this, for by creating meaningful legacy we live on and death loses it's sting. Her work enables clients to see what kind of "trees" they can plant for future generations to benefit from. Together their legacy is inspired and it isn't always about trust funds. A tea set passed on through generations can have significant impact. How many problems are halved when two people share a pot of tea in a crisis?

Debbie says "I feel honoured to be able to do my work through the firm Austin & Carnley which has a legacy of it's own dating back to the 1800's. We act for generations and family histories are weaved in the fabric of what we do. The word "legacy" actually comes from the medieval Latin "legatia" or "legatus" meaning the person delegated or the ambassador. So for now I hold the baton alongside my business partner David and know that we will pass it on to the next generation. I am confident that for the next 200 years and beyond Austin and Carnley will be providing the excellent service in estate planning as we do now with our expert team of advisors."

Successful legacy doesn't just happen. True legacy requires ongoing consideration and planning. Debbie and her team are here to help you enjoy writing your

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