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Bernard Bonvin

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Bernard Bonvin

Probus Middle East Limited

Bernard is one of the main shareholders of Probus Pleion Holding SA and the Co-Chairman of its Board of Directors. He leads the Group's Investment Office and serves as the Managing Partner of the Dubai office since 2012.

Bernard joined the group in 1987, three years after its inception. Since then, he has played a pivotal role in guiding the company's strategic development, both as a leader and co-leader.

At present, Bernard manages Probus Middle East Limited, an independent asset management firm based in the DIFC in Dubai. In this capacity, he oversees several aspects of the company's development, operations, and asset allocation. Bernard holds a Swiss Financial Analyst diploma and a Law degree from the University of Geneva. Prior to joining the Group in 1987, he practiced law. Among his significant professional and academic achievements, Bernard served a decade on the Board of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers.

Based in the DIFC since 2012, our firm provides tailored investment strategies to HNWI and institutions.

Combining many years of expertise in wealth management, our objective is to provide you with tailor-made solutions and accompany you throughout your personalised project.

To accept a mandate to manage assets on behalf of a client is a privilege and inspires so much more in us than simply providing a service. We never forget whose assets these are and how hard our clients have worked to achieve their success.

This independent approach, free from any conflict of interest or ties to other establishments, allows us to truly act in the best interests of our clients, away from the sales driven, product pushing, institutional approach of certain organisations.

For Probus a client is never simply an account, but a personal relationship in which we are entrusted to tailor an investment strategy to help meet their requirements and ultimately achieve their future plans. Our active approach allows us to adapt as our clients' family and business circumstances change. __

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