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5 Deal Maker Awards2024 FM Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. Introduction Welcome to the Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards, where we recognize the outstanding achievements and innovative contributions made by leading professionals in the finance sector. This edition shines a spotlight on Dr. Wolfgang Hermann of Hermann & Kollegen, who is prominently featured on the cover. Joining him are other exemplary professionals: James Tetherton of Graph Strategy, Torsten Adam representing Artemis and Andrew Pollard of Ahead Business Consulting, to name but a few. Their collective expertise has made a significant impact on their respective industries and stands as a testament to the high standards of excellence we celebrate. Each of these accomplished individuals has demonstrated unique capabilities in navigating complex financial landscapes, creating value through strategic decision-making, and offering exceptional advisory services. We are delighted to honor their work, dedication, and the integral role they play in driving progress in the financial world. Congratulations to all the award recipients. Enjoy this issue, and join us in celebrating these leading professional advisors.

Real Estate Transactions Adviser of the Year DR. WOLFGANG HERMANN Hermann & Kollegen Adviser of the Year JAMES TETHERTON GRAPH Strategy EDITOR’S CHOICE 8 14

Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. GERMANY REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS ADVISER OF THE YEAR Partner at Hermann & Kollegen DR. WOLFGANG HERMANN Welcome to this edition of the Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards, where we are excited to feature an exclusive interview with Dr. Wolfgang Hermann, a partner at Hermann & Kollegen. Dr. Hermann is known for his profound expertise in complex real estate transactions and today, he shares valuable insights into his firm’s strategies and experiences in the industry, particularly in managing high-stakes property deals like shopping centres and hotels. Join us as we explore the intricacies of these sophisticated transactions. 8

Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. GERMANY Dr. Hermann, given your firm’s comprehensive advisory services on all variants of real estate transactions, including asset deals, share deals, and sale and leaseback transactions, could you share a standout experience that highlights your team’s expertise in handling complex properties like shopping centres and hotels? Very much so. The transaction involved legal advice on the buyer’s side for the acquisition of a shopping centre and an adjacent hotel. Both properties were strategically located but posed a number of challenges due to long-term leases, complex operating structures and regulatory requirements. It was also unclear at the beginning whether the transaction should be realised as an asset or share deal. One challenge was the complex lease structures and operational interdependencies: the shopping centre had various tenants with different terms and conditions, including some long-term leases that required special attention. The hotel was part of an international franchise and was subject to specific franchise agreements that had to be taken into account in the transaction. Both properties were subject to strict building and environmental regulations, which had to be analysed in detail and taken into account in the transaction planning. Our team carried out a comprehensive due diligence process covering legal, financial, technical and environmental aspects to obtain a complete picture of the risks and potential of both properties. Due to the complexity of the transaction, the team opted for a structuring that included asset deals for certain parts of the shopping centre as well as share deals for the hotel and other parts of the property. This mixed strategy enabled the tax burden and regulatory requirements to be optimised. The team negotiated intensively on guarantees and exemptions in order to minimise the risk for the investor group. In particular, this included aspects resulting from the long-term leases and franchise agreements. Together with our manager and his tax advisors, the team developed a long-term operating concept that ensured both the ongoing attractiveness of the shopping centre and the profitability of the hotel. This included strategies for tenant retention and acquisition as well as increasing operational efficiency. The transaction was successfully completed, and the investor group was able to integrate the shopping centre and hotel into its portfolio. Thanks to careful planning and comprehensive due diligence, the team was able to minimise the risks associated with the transaction and ensure a smooth transition to the new operating structures. This example underlines the importance of a comprehensive and strategic approach to complex property transactions. The combination of thorough preparation, detailed due diligence and innovative transaction structuring is crucial to ensure the success of such endeavours. With the firm’s emphasis on ensuring clients have a dedicated partner to lead their transaction, how has this approach enhanced the efficiency and outcomes of the deals you manage? A dedicated contact person ensures a direct and uncomplicated line of communication between the client and the firm. This reduces misunderstandings and ensures that information can be exchanged quickly and efficiently. Clients feel better informed and involved, which strengthens the relationship of trust. Through continuous support, the contact person gets to know the client’s specific needs, goals and preferences in detail. This enables tailored advice that increases the chances of a successful transaction while minimising risks. “Our team carried out a comprehensive due diligence process covering legal, financial, technical and environmental aspects to obtain a complete picture of the risks and potential of both properties.” 9

A dedicated point of contact who is familiar with all the details of the transaction can react quickly to problems and find efficient solutions. This saves time and resources and can be decisive in meeting deadlines and ensuring the success of the transaction. Complex transactions often require expertise from different areas of law. A contact person can act as a central coordination point, ensuring that all specialists involved work together effectively and optimally integrate their contributions into the overall strategy. Ongoing support from the same contact person ensures consistent quality advice throughout the entire transaction process. This helps to avoid errors and maintain the integrity of the transaction. Clients who know that they have a reliable and competent contact person feel more secure and satisfied. Thus, the law firm can establish itself as a reliable partner that not only offers legal expertise but also actively supports its clients’ business success. Given the range of services that your firm provides, from establishing property companies and joint ventures to structuring the buying and selling process. Could you explain how the integration of these services benefits your clients throughout their transaction journey? This holistic advice enables transactions to be completed more efficiently, securely, and with greater strategic focus. Key benefits include (i) comprehensive strategic planning that takes into account all legal, financial and operational aspects, (ii) risk minimisation, (iii) increased efficiency, (iv) flexibility and adaptability and (v) cost efficiency by leveraging synergies and avoiding redundant services. If required, specialised services can be seamlessly integrated to respond to specific challenges or opportunities within a transaction. This ensures access to in depth expertise exactly when it is needed. This leads to a more secure, efficient and strategically focused execution of transactions. Reflecting on the past 12 months and considering non-confidential details, could you share insights into a transaction your firm has been particularly proud of, highlighting the challenges overcome and the innovative strategies employed? In the above example, the challenge was particularly the complexity of the transaction and the time aspect, as well as considering the turn of the year and the associated Christmas holidays. Everyone on the team was highly motivated, and there was no question of bringing the project to a successful conclusion that was in line with the client’s time requirements despite the Christmas holidays and the desire for family and time off. Everyone was there for each other and compensated for each other’s time off. Working from home also made things a lot easier. This united team effort from within the team makes me particularly proud and makes the transaction so important for our law firm. This is not an innovative approach (such as AI), but I am convinced that without the people behind it and a really well-functioning team, you cannot be successful. Legal due diligence is a cornerstone of your advisory services. How does creating a detailed due diligence report set the foundation for successful negotiations and transaction closures? Legal due diligence is a crucial step in transactions. It serves to identify, assess and ultimately minimise risks by thoroughly examining all legal aspects of the target “A dedicated contact person can act as a central coordination point, ensuring that all specialists involved work together effectively and optimally integrate their contributions into the overall strategy.” GERMANY 10 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024.

company or investment object. The preparation of a detailed due diligence report can, in many ways, form the basis for successful negotiations and transaction closings: Risk identification and assessment: a thorough due diligence report uncovers potential legal risks, such as ongoing or impending litigation, regulatory violations, intellectual property issues and problems with contracts. By identifying these risks before the transaction is finalised, companies can make informed decisions and develop risk mitigation strategies. Negotiation basis: The results of legal due diligence provide a solid basis for negotiating purchase price adjustments, warranties, indemnities and other contractual clauses. They allow the buyer to address specific risks and negotiate protections that minimise their risk. Compliance assurance: The report helps to ensure that the target company fulfils all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. This is particularly important in highly regulated industries or where breaches of compliance regulations can cause severe financial and reputational damage. Increase investor confidence: A comprehensive due diligence report can increase the confidence of investors and financing partners by demonstrating that the investment has been thoroughly vetted and that known risks have been adequately addressed. This can facilitate the raising of capital and positively influence the valuation of the target company. Strategic planning: The findings from legal due diligence can be decisive for strategic planning after the transaction. They provide insight into legal obligations, contracts, and potential liability issues that are important for integration and future business strategies. Reputational protection: Careful review and documentation of legal relationships can also protect companies from unwittingly becoming involved in illegal activities or scandals that could damage their reputation. Overall, preparing a detailed due diligence report is not only a risk mitigation tool but also a key factor in the success of business transactions. It enables the parties involved to act with greater certainty and clarity and helps to maximise the value and stability of the transaction. The preparation of a detailed due diligence report can, in many ways, form the basis for successful negotiations and transaction closings: Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. GERMANY 11

12 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. GERMANY When it comes to the drafting, negotiating, and processing of purchase contracts, what key factors do you consider to ensure that the contracts reflect the due diligence findings and safeguard your clients’ interests? These factors include: Detailed representation of assets and liabilities: The purchase agreement should contain an accurate and detailed statement of all assets and liabilities to be transferred. The results of the due diligence can help to identify unclear or potentially problematic aspects that need to be addressed in the negotiations and in the contract text. Adjustment of the purchase price: Based on the due diligence results, it may be necessary to adjust the purchase price to take account of any risks, identified defects or future liabilities. Mechanisms such as earnouts can also be agreed in order to link the purchase price to the future performance of the company. Guarantees and warranties: The seller should provide comprehensive warranties and guarantees regarding the accuracy of the information provided and the absence of hidden defects. These clauses should be specific to the findings of the due diligence and protect the buyer from unknown risks. Indemnities and limitations of liability: Indemnification clauses are critical to protect the buyer from future liability claims arising from prepurchase activities. At the same time, limitations of liability can be agreed to limit the seller’s exposure. Provisions for disputes: The contract should contain clear procedures for resolving disputes that may arise from the interpretation or application of the contract. This may include arbitration, mediation or other forms of dispute resolution. Compliance and regulatory approvals: The contract must ensure that all necessary regulatory approvals are obtained and compliance requirements are met. This also includes consideration of the results of legal due diligence with regard to regulatory risks. Transition and integration plans: For a smooth takeover, it is important to include detailed plans for the transition phase and the integration of the company’s activities in the purchase agreement. This includes provisions regarding personnel, IT systems and other operational aspects. Protection of intellectual property and other key resources: The agreement should ensure the protection and transfer of intellectual property and other critical resources and secrets of the target company. Clarity and precision: To avoid misunderstandings and later disputes, it is important that the contract is clear and precise. Each section should clearly define what is covered and clearly set out the terms and obligations of the parties. comprehensive advice that includes both project development-related aspects and other relevant areas of property law is crucial.

13 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. GERMANY For transactions with project development potential, how does your extensive experience in project development complement your advice in other areas of real estate law, such as property developer law, to provide a holistic service to your clients? In transactions with project development potential, comprehensive advice that includes both project development-related aspects and other relevant areas of property law is crucial. My experience in project development complements my expertise in other areas of property law to provide clients with a holistic service. Knowing the different phases of a project development - from site acquisition, planning and approval to the construction phase, marketing and utilisation - enables us to proactively advise clients and identify potential legal hurdles at an early stage. Our experience in project development helps us to precisely understand the practical requirements and risks of the project and to address them adequately in the contracts. By combining project development-related knowledge with expertise in other areas of real estate law, such as construction law, planning law and tenancy law, we can comprehensively assess risks and develop strategies to minimise them. This includes advising on the structuring of transactions, the choice of the appropriate legal form and the preparation of collateral. An in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirements applicable to project developments, including environmental assessments, planning permission and compliance with local building regulations, is essential. Project developments often require cooperation with professionals from various fields, such as architects, engineers, urban planners and environmental consultants. Our experience in interdisciplinary work enables us to liaise effectively with these professionals and ensure that all legal, technical and planning aspects of the project are aligned. By combining our knowledge of project development with comprehensive advice in other areas of property law, we are able to offer our clients a holistic service covering all legal aspects of their projects. This approach makes it possible to realise projects efficiently and with legal certainty while at the same time protecting and promoting the objectives and interests of our clients. Our experience in project development helps us to precisely understand the practical requirements and risks of the project and to address them adequately in the contracts.

ADVISER OF THE YEAR Senior Partner at GRAPH Strategy JAMES TETHERTON Finance Monthly is honoured to sit down with James Tetherton, Co-Founder and Senior Partner at GRAPH Strategy, to hear about how he has carved out a niche in strategy consulting through his two decades of experience in the industry. James tells us about GRAPH’s methodology, how his leadership approach has evolved over time, and how he plans to deal with the challenges facing the private equity industry in today’s business climate. USA 14 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. UNITED KINGDOM

James, you have accumulated a wealth of experience and skills during your career. What is it about GRAPH Strategy that motivates you to continue your work in strategy consulting, and why is this area of business exciting to you? Whether it’s helping our clients to make acquisitions, develop new business models, or exploit new value opportunities, the work we do is always fast-paced and incredibly interesting. I’ve always relished investigating new businesses and tackling difficult questions. That’s really what’s kept me in the business of strategy consulting for the last 20 years. We work with private equity investors and founders of businesses, all of whom are brilliant and passionate about what they do. Our team at GRAPH is also an immensely capable and driven group of individuals, who have chosen to work for a fast-growing boutique firm; we all share a vision of how we can grow and create value and impact together. So, if I were to sum up what drives me forward – and what really is the ethos of GRAPH – it is the idea that we are constantly doing great work, with great people, for great clients. What is your leadership approach and what core values inspire this? How do you successfully share responsibilities with colleagues in order to manage the business and for employees to have a secure management? As a leader, I think I’m fairly hands-on in some aspects, and good at delegating in others. I still really enjoy the day-to-day work of consulting, so I like working alongside my team and being as involved and accessible to clients as possible. A key thing I’ve learnt in my career is that you can’t succeed unless you surround yourself with really great people. At GRAPH, we go out of our way to hire the very best. In addition to direct referrals from existing team members, we also have good relationships with top universities in the US and UK to bring in fresh talent. Once you’ve got great people on your team, I think that leadership becomes focused on creating an environment in which those people feel enabled – where they can thrive and have maximum impact. Less hierarchy means that team members can take on responsibility early in their career and feel a sense of ownership in the team’s successes. The other big thing I spend time thinking about is how we maintain our culture. How can we make sure that GRAPH is a firm that people feel is the very best place to build a career in consulting? There’s also the challenge of how to balance time spent working in the business versus on the business – it’s a challenge that I think every business leader will recognise. One of the investments we’ve recently made to address this challenge is creating a new Chief of Staff role in the UK office, to help ensure we’re heading in the right direction and that our key operations are positioned for success as we continue to scale. What is the philosophy behind the GRAPH Blueprint™️ and how has this methodology become a part of GRAPH? What makes this an effective delivery model? Fundamentally, our work involves helping clients make difficult decisions under tight time pressures. To be able to consistently deliver excellent outcomes, you need a repeatable process that doesn’t leave room for error. This is the idea behind the GRAPH Blueprint™️, our 5-stage delivery model. Our best practices provide more valuable data and analysis, more creative and constructive ideas, and avoid risky shortcuts and costly rework. Beyond the GRAPH Blueprint™️ , there are a range of tools, such as our Diligence Matters® toolkit and GRAPH Papers® article series, that we’ve developed Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. UNITED KINGDOM 15

over the years to share best practices with our team and our clients to ensure we collaborate more effectively. Can you share your process of investigation? How have you refined this procedure to allow for greater success? The process of investigation starts with a very clear definition of the questions we’re trying to address: what is the investment thesis, and what are the key issues we have been brought in to tackle? We’ve found that initial precision regarding scope allows you then to spend time effectively on digging into the critical issues, rather than becoming overly broad and generic as you try to “boil the ocean”. Sourcing is another area we pay a lot of attention to. We try to bring in as many sources as we can to fuel our insights. A lot of that is quantitative, namely, opensource and proprietary management data. But I think a big differentiator for GRAPH is our strong belief in the value of qualitative insights, particularly ‘voice of customer’. We often deal with niche sectors where there’s not a lot of publicly available historical data. Having deep interviews with a representative range of key stakeholders and current decision makers lets us get ‘under the skin’ of the business. It enables us to get a view on how the sector is going to perform in the future, who the likely winners will be, and what value creation and differentiation opportunities the business has. At what stage of need do clients usually come to you for professional guidance? We’re lucky to have the chance to work with clients across all stages of the economy, from first-time founders seeking initial capital, all the way to large-cap funds who are investing in world-leading businesses. We often meet businesses that are taking on external investment for the first time and work with them through the commercial due diligence process. As a people-led business, GRAPH has a strong entrepreneurial culture that particularly suits our work with founder-led businesses. Post-investment, we might then help the business map out their growth strategy, whether it’s through organic options like launching new products or refining their pricing strategy, or the inorganic route through bolton acquisitions. Then in a few years, at exit, we might support the business with sell-side diligence as they take on investment from a larger PE fund. Can you tell us about some of the successes you have seen at GRAPH, particularly in terms of your client relationships? For us, a big measure of success is the length of relationship that we can build with our clients. We’re grateful to have clients that we’ve worked with since we set up the business and that we’re still working with 7 years later. We don’t take those partnerships for granted. Our success is underpinned by us consistently taking a long-term view in the way we operate and making sure that we’re always doing the very best possible work, and finding new ways to add value in those client relationships. We’re grateful to have clients that we’ve worked with since we set up the business and that we’re still working with 7 years later.” USA 16 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. UNITED KINGDOM

Obviously, the other thing that powers our growth is continually winning new clients. It’s particularly fulfilling when those clients come to us through referrals and introductions from people we know, which is a testament to the quality of the work and the value we deliver. What are the biggest challenges facing private equity firms and global corporations in today’s business climate? Where do you see the industry heading, what changes do you expect to see, and how do you plan on making sure GRAPH stays current and competitive in the industry? Everyone knows that the deal environment has changed significantly over the last 18 months. Compared to 2021 and early 2022, private equity firms are operating in a market characterised by higher interest rates and lower growth. Going into 2024, private equity will continue to face challenges from a range of factors, such as macroeconomic volatility and stricter regulations. With the new market conditions, there’s been a ‘back to basics’ shift in PE, with a stronger focus on business fundamentals and value creation opportunities. Despite the challenges it faces, PE is still incredibly vibrant, exciting, and growing, and its importance in the overall economy and its contribution to growth shouldn’t be underestimated. As market complexity increases, commercial due diligence becomes more crucial in guiding investment decisions and ensuring sustainable growth. We’ve seen more clients come to us with a desire to do early-stage work, ahead of the transaction process, to help them build a unique investment case and value creation strategy. We’ve also seen an increase in demand for commercial due diligence to support bolton acquisitions as that has become a more popular lever for value creation. The best CDD work will offer an adaptable, creative, and forward-thinking approach. The skills, insights, and relationships offered by boutique consultancies like GRAPH will prove invaluable in navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities of the evolving market. GRAPH’s ongoing success, even in the face of the market turbulence that characterised 2023, is a testament to the strength of our boutique offering and the merits of the long-term approach we take to running the business. Finally, what does winning this award mean for you personally and for GRAPH too? What else can we expect to see from GRAPH in the future as you continue to grow and succeed? We’re delighted! It’s been an incredibly rewarding journey as an entrepreneur to grow GRAPH internationally by building a great team and a network of strong client relationships. This award is an incredible recognition of the success and impact we’re having in the market. We’ve started 2024 with a very strong team, exceptionally robust pipeline, and a great market reputation, backed by a high referral rate among clients and increasing industry recognition such as this award. Within the business, we’re incredibly excited about the future – we’ve got a clear view of our path to 2030 and, with every passing day, we’re actively working to make that plan a reality. Going into 2024, private equity will continue to face challenges from a range of factors, such as macroeconomic volatility and stricter regulations.” Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. UNITED KINGDOM 17

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23 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. USA

Deal Maker of the Year TORSTON ADAM ARTEMIS Group Corporate Finance Lawyer of the Year BRUNO BARTOCCI Legance - Avvocati Associati Deal of the Year: Netting £30M For a SAAS Business ANDREW POLLARD Ahead Business Consultancy 26 30 32

Cross Boarder M&A Adviser of the Year RODRIGO CARVALHO Winston & Strawn LLP Corporate and M&A Adviser of the Year NICHOLAS TAN CHOI CHUAN Shearn Delamore & Co Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer of the Year FOLASADE OLUSANYA Jackson, Etti & Edu Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer of the Year DEREK BRITS Barnard Law Firm ADVISERS OF THE YEAR 34 36 38 40

USA Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. GERMANY TORSTEN ADAM DEAL MAKER OF THE YEAR Managing Partner at ARTEMIS Group Torsten Adam, Managing Partner of ARTEMIS Group, has more than 25 years of work experience in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance and Advisory Services. His core competencies are in the fields of M&A Transaction Management, Buy & Build projects, Structured and Project Finance as well as Advisory Services. In addition to domestic transactions, Mr. Adam has overseen various cross-border M&A transactions with involvement in Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe. ARTEMIS Advisory Services GmbH Maximiliansplatz 12, 80333 Munich, Germany 26

Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. GERMANY 27 INDUSTRY FOCUS To generate maximum value in every deal, ARTEMIS Group has established best practice groups in specific industries, coordinated by a global lead partner. ARTEMIS Group focuses on 4 sectors: • Agriculture, Food & Beverages • Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing • Real Estate & Construction • Healthcare With its own offices in Munich and Singapore and a broad strategic partner network, ARTEMIS Group has a footprint in all relevant markets.” FIRM PROFILE ARTEMIS Group is an international and cross-sector Corporate Finance and M&A consulting boutique for startups and mediumsized companies, active in the market since 2001. Its core services cover the sectors of Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance and Advisory Services. With its own offices in Munich and Singapore and a broad strategic partner network, ARTEMIS Group has a footprint in all relevant markets. As a strong partner, ARTEMIS Group guides its clients from first venture capital financing rounds to subsequent expansion financings and classical corporate financing. Beyond, ARTEMIS Group advises companies in buy-side and sell-side M&A Transactions. ARTEMIS Group leads its clients through these complex processes. In addition, ARTEMIS Group structures and realizes Buy & Build Concepts with renowned family offices and entrepreneurial families. Long-term customer relations are built on trust, reliable statements, long-term cooperations and partnerships. The consistently excellent results are made possible particularly by the experienced, highly qualified professionals well-versed in their fields and by the excellent, global networks in all relevant markets. Thereby ARTEMIS Group achieves the best possible results for their clients. With the integrated M&A transaction management 4.0, ARTEMIS Group bundles all necessary technical components for a successful transaction, in which ARTEMIS Group is at the centre of interaction between companies, external consultants and investors. Within the framework of M&A 4.0, ARTEMIS Group brings its experience in Mergers & Acquisitions projects in terms of integrated control tools, project management tools and more. OUR LATEST MILESTONES In the last 24 months, ARTEMIS Group supported international family offices in the structuring and realization of a buy & build craftsman holding: from raising capital to the execution of the buy side transactions. During this time, the foundation was laid for a holding company with more than € 100 million turnover per year. In the field of agriculture, ARTEMIS Group supported the structuring and realization of a cross-border joint venture of seed breeding companies with an international footprint. In addition, ARTEMIS Group is involved in the structuring and financing of different buy & build holding companies. ARTEMIS Group has been the leading advisor in fundraising for various types of startups, securing amounts exceeding € 10 million.

28 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. USA

29 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. USA

CORPORATE FINANCE LAWYER OF THE YEAR BRUNO BARTOCCI Senior Partner at Legance - Avvocati Associati Bruno Bartocci focuses on private and public M&A, equity capital markets, financial services regulations and real estate. Within the Corporate Finance department of the Firm, he advises domestic and foreign investment banks, private and listed companies, and private equity funds in acquisitions (including tender offers on listed companies), mergers, divestitures, joint-venture transactions, IPOs and equity offerings in the various sectors of the economy. USA 30 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. ITALY

Legance is an independent Italian Firm with a strong position among full-service legal firms, and leader in the Italian and European market. Our law Firm was founded in 2007, by a team of wellestablished professionals united by common ideas and objectives: quality, expertise, understanding and anticipation of the clients’ needs, flexibility and nurturing of young talents. Legance has offices in Milan, Rome and to confirm its international vocation, in London as well. The Firm has established an extensive international network, with numerous independent legal firms in different jurisdictions, therefore assuring superior legal assistance but without having to give up its corporate identity and values. Our reputation of offering the highest level of international competence, scope and insight is guaranteed through our close collaboration with leading foreign law firms rigorously selected for each practice area. Through a so-called “Country Partners” system over the years we have built a solid and proven network of nonexclusive relationships that enable us to assist clients on international transactions with responsiveness and Firm Profile flexibility. We select the most appropriate partners in each jurisdiction through a competitive procedure based on specific criteria defined with our clients. During the years, the Firm has attracted both young talents and affirmed professionals who share the same principles and mission. Legance is indeed a law Firm, but it also means sharing a fulfilling working experience where clients are important and where all employees, regardless of their role, feel part of the same squad. Corporate Finance With around 100 highly-specialised lawyers, the Corporate Finance Department is at the forefront of the industry, assisting corporate clients in the most complex and high-profile national and international transactions completed in recent years. With exceptional multidisciplinary knowledge the team covers the full range of corporate finance services, providing in-depth advice on M&A (both to listed and unlisted companies) and private equity transactions. Working closely with multiple practice areas of the Firm, the team supports clients through every stage of a project, from identifying the most effective corporate and tax structures and carrying out due diligence to drafting and negotiating contractual documents and assisting in fulfilling antitrust and other requirements related to regulated sectors, such as banking and insurance. Legance is indeed a law Firm, but it also means sharing a fulfilling working experience where clients are important and where all employees, regardless of their role, feel part of the same squad. Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. ITALY 31

ANDREW POLLARD Director & Co-Founder of Ahead Business Consultancy Ahead Business Consulting Ahead Business Consulting (ABC) is an independent boutique consultancy that specialises in aiding owner-managers to secure the best possible exit: high value, less stress, low risk, and strong posttransactional standing. ABC enhances strategic value by co-creating essential business change, paving the way for negotiations and due diligence. The most successful exits are planned a year or more in advance, allowing time to enact and embed changes that better position businesses for sale. Independent expertise is crucial for completing sales — especially important given that many acquisitions fail, and sellers often receive less than they hoped for. About Andrew Andrew specialises in guiding organisations to shape and then implement effective strategies. He co-founded Ahead Business Consulting with the conviction that quality strategy, transformation, and transactional support should be accessible to all businesses; and always make a practical difference. UNITED KINGDOM 32 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. The engagement that led to us winning this prestigious Finance Monthly Deal Maker of the Year Award 2024, was with a 15-year-old SaaS company. They had a strong product and growing client base with minimal attrition, and had grown their talented team from 2 to 30. There were a lot of positives, but some existential threats: the company was at risk of becoming a minor player in an increasingly competitive market, and they were yet to make a profit. We identified imminent threats and opportunities, leading to the development of a comprehensive strategy to enhance the company’s market value and appeal to potential buyers. This involved a meticulous evaluation of their product offerings, market trends, and customer insights, which we aligned with the company’s long-term goals and ambitions. To increase their value, we recommended international expansion, focusing on core product sales, and restructuring pricing for larger, bespoke projects. The implementation of these recommendations significantly transformed the company’s operational and financial performance. Establishing international offices allowed the client to enter new markets and utilise global resources to improve product innovation and service delivery. These strategic enhancements in sales and marketing processes quickly proved effective, attracting three acquisition offers within weeks. However, the co-founders had never sold a business before, so we acted as intermediaries to lead negotiations, oversee the sale process and manage due diligence. One of the key elements to maximise a sale value is to look for the strategic fit, and the additional value this brings. Each of the three potential buyers had a different need – which means the value of the business to them was proportionately different too. We selected the business with a strong cultural fit, and the highest strategic value. For a business that was yet to make a profit, the initial offer of £8m was very attractive. We negotiated this up to £20m, with post-sale incentives which will increase this to £30m-£38m. The successful sale not only secured the company’s future but also doubled its sales growth, broadened its international presence, and provided staff with job security and opportunities for development within the acquiring company. And the business owners, our client, were naturally delighted with the outcome too. If you would like to discuss how ABC can help you then visit us at DEAL OF THE YEAR NETTING £30M FOR A SAAS BUSINESS Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. UNITED KINGDOM 33

CROSS BORDER M&A LAWYER OF THE YEAR Partner Winston & Strawn LLP RODRIGO CARVALHO Rodrigo concentrates his practice on mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and corporate finance matters in Latin America, with a special focus on Brazil. Rodrigo is a member of the firm’s corporate department and head of Winston’s Brazilian Affiliate. Rodrigo has extensive transactional experience in Brazil and internationally across a broad spectrum of industries. He advises clients on cross-border M&A, international debt and equity offerings, and finance matters involving Brazil and other parts of Latin America. Rodrigo also supports Winston’s US and international offices on matters relating to Brazil and the region in areas such as antitrust, compliance, disputes, investigations, and sanctions. He previously was Bank of America’s Head of Investment Banking (Legal Division) in Brazil. Rodrigo has worked in New York, London and São Paulo during his legal career. He is admitted both in New York and in Brazil. BRAZIL 34 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024.

Firm Profile For more than 170 years, Winston & Strawn has served as a trusted adviser and advocate for clients across virtually every industry. Our law practice—built on the talent, creativity, and determination of our lawyers and an unwavering commitment to our clients—has grown into a global firm of tremendous breadth. While many things have changed since the firm’s inception, our goal has remained steadfast: provide the highest echelon of service by developing strategic partnerships with our clients, creating and implementing tailored business solutions, and identifying opportunities for innovation. Complementing this service model is the priority we place on diversity and inclusion, as well as our role in serving critical needs in our communities. We continue to learn from our storied history, while looking ahead to effect change in our industry. Winston & Strawn in Brazil Winston & Strawn’s São Paulo office reflects the firm’s long-term investment in Brazil and the significant commitment of Winston’s Latin America practice group members to the country over many decades. Our fully bilingual São Paulo-based attorneys represent clients on international financing, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and disputes. They also act as a relationship touch point for global clients looking to expand into Brazil, ensuring an integrated and seamless service. Our São Paulo attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the region’s legal, cultural, political, regulatory, and commercial frameworks, which have earned them recognition from Chambers Global, Chambers Brazil, Chambers Latin America, Leaders League, The Legal 500, Latinvex, IFLR 1000, and LatinFinance, among many others. Mergers & Acquisitions Winston is a leading advisor to public and private companies and investment advisers on corporate transactions. We have experience representing public and private companies, financial sponsors, boards of directors and special committees, financial advisors, and management teams. This perspective enables us to understand the concerns of parties on all sides of the table, protect our clients’ interests, and execute deals. Our results-oriented team is focused on making transactions fast, smooth, and cost-efficient. We have advised on M&A transactions of all sizes and degrees of complexity, and have represented an exceptionally diverse base of clients, both large and middle market. Our goal is to deliver value throughout each phase of the transaction from diligence, structuring, and negotiation through execution and closing. We take an integrated approach to mergers and acquisitions and other corporate transactions, providing seamless deal teams that draw upon not only our corporate and finance practices, but also on tax, antitrust, employment, intellectual property, environmental, and employee benefits. Cross-Border Transactions As a full-service, international law firm, we have established a successful track record of representing clients in cross-border transactions and assisting them in expanding their operations to the United States, Europe, and other key global markets. We have advised clients on a broad scope of cross-border strategic investments, acquisitions, and joint ventures and helped clients navigate complex cross-border transactional issues. Our law practice, built on the talent, creativity, and determination of our lawyers and an unwavering commitment to our clients, has grown into a global firm of tremendous breadth. Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. BRAZIL 35

CORPORATE AND M&A LAWYER OF THE YEAR Partner Shearn Delamore & Co NICHOLAS TAN CHOI CHUAN Nicholas’ practice focus is on take-overs, mergers and acquisitions, foreign investments, joint ventures, corporate restructurings, and corporate and commercial transactions. He has worked on transactions which straddled across industries specifically education, oil and gas, manufacturing, retail, telecommunication and property development. Nicholas also advises equity capital markets work including initial public offerings. Nicholas has been recognised as a leading lawyer for Corporate/M&A (Malaysia) by a number of globally renowned legal publications including a band 4 leading lawyer in M&A by Chambers and Partners Asia Pacific (2021 and 2022). The Chambers and Partners Asia Pacific (2021) noted that Nicholas is able to provide strong legal support and, in giving legal advice, he also considers the commercial aspects of the transaction and more recently, the Chambers and Partners Asia Pacific (2022) noted that Nicholas “has the ability to understand issues in play and provide practice solutions. He has been described by a client as Highly competent and very experienced and knowledgeable. He is also very approachable and able to perform excellently even in a challenging environment” (IFLR1000 (2019)) and “Responsible, accessible, knowledgeable, well connected, and timely” (IFLR (2021)). MALAYSIA 36 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024.

Firm Profile Founded in 1905, Shearn Delamore & Co. has forged a formidable reputation as one of the largest and more established law firms in the country. Our history reflects our ability to innovate and be a provider of excellent legal services to our clients. Shearn Delamore & Co’s rich history and heritage reflects the story of Malaysia over the past century. The seeds of the firm were planted around the beginning of the twentieth century, the time that professional lawyers were allowed to appear as advocates before the courts of the Federated Malay States (FMS). The cluster formed the foundation of what the country is today. Since then, we have represented and supported the commercial and community interests of our nation, as well as the international community. We have also acted in key landmark cases that have helped define Malaysian law. Our clients comprise multinational conglomerates, public-listed companies, industrial and commercial corporations, professional firms and organisations, multilateral agencies, domestic and international institutions, governments and individuals, and social and welfare entities. We are also frequently appointed as counsel and consulted by other legal firms. Today, Shearn Delamore & Co is one of the largest award-winning full-service law firms in the country with over 100 lawyers and 300 support staff. Our Vision To continue understanding our clients’ needs. We aspire to meet the challenges of the international business community without compromising on integrity or quality. Our goal is to consistently provide viable solutions that are practical and results-oriented. This vision motivates and moves our people to better themselves everyday. It drives us to deliver cuttingedge legal services of the highest standards to our clients daily. We are tremendously excited about our future, and look forward to working closely with our clients and friends around the world. Shearn Delamore & Co is one of the largest awardwinning full-service law firms in the country with over 100 lawyers and 300 support staff. Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. MALAYSIA 37

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS LAWYER OF THE YEAR Managing Partner - Jackson, Etti & Edu FOLASADE OLUSANYA Folasade Olusanya is an exceptional lawyer with an impeccable reputation for advising managers and investee companies in complex Mergers and Acquisitions and Cross-Border Acquisitions, Banking & Finance, Corporate Commercial as well as Private Equity and Venture Capital. Fola has a strong track record of advising government, DFIs and developers and has also garnered considerable experience in Finance within Nigeria and the West African subregion. She is a significant name in Nigeria and Africa’s banking and finance space.” With over 28 years of practice, Fola has been part of several national and sub-national infrastructure finance projects and has led her Firm, Jackson, Etti & Edu to advise on project finance and public private partnership transactions. Her practice covers a wide range of product areas, including Rights Issue, Private Placements, Public Offers, Eurobonds, Corporate and State bonds. Fola has been involved in a number of big-ticket transactions, including several privatisations of Nigerian government assets, advising on both the sell side and buy side. NIGERIA 38 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024.

Firm Profile Jackson, Etti & Edu is recognized as a preeminent adviser in Mergers and Acquisitions transactions and cross-border acquisitions within Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region with experience spanning over 20 years. From the recapitalization of former Intercontinental Bank Plc and follow-on acquisition by way of a merger with Access Bank Plc to the integration of the Ghanaian and Ivory Coast subsidiaries of Baker Hughes Incorporated and BJ Services Company undertaken as part of the global integration of Baker Hughes and BJ Services entities, the Firm has advised on several landmark transactions. Our approach is to appreciate the peculiarity of each transaction, recognizing that no two transactions are the same. We ensure that the structuring and implementation of the transaction are driven by the commercial objectives of the deal, resolution of regulatory concerns, preservation of shareholder value, and actualization of requisite synergies. We have completed transactions in a variety of industry sectors including banking, insurance, pension, oil and gas, power, advertising, agriculture, health, and information technology sectors. We pride ourselves in our ability to guide our clients through the legal, regulatory, and industry peculiarities as well as the corporate, social, and political nuances that may relate to the transaction. We support our clients throughout the transaction life-cycle – from due diligence investigations to documentation drafting, review and negotiation, obtaining regulatory approvals, bid documentation review, completion, and post-completion. We provide end-to-end transaction management support for the entire transaction process and negotiations. The team regularly represents global and Nigerian corporate leaders in the full spectrum of transactional work across various sectors and deal sizes. Given this, we can identify, and even anticipate, regulatory issues that may impact any transaction. We combine the analysis of the regulatory/legal issues with a practical, flexible, and business-like approach to how these issues should be addressed and resolved. Our team offers specialist and technical expertise and includes experts in corporate governance, employment and labor law, insurance law, litigation, finance, tax, intellectual property, and real estate Our Firm’s expertise has been recognized and ranked consistently in international legal directories such as International Financial Law Review and Chambers Partners Global. We pride ourselves in our ability to guide our clients through the legal, regulatory, and industry peculiarities as well as the corporate, social, and political nuances that may relate to the transaction Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2024. NIGERIA 39

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