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Andrew Pollard

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Andrew specialises in guiding organisations to shape and then implement effective strategies. He co-founded Ahead Business Consulting with the conviction that quality strategy, transformation, and transactional support should be accessible to all businesses; and always make a practical difference.

Ahead Business Consulting

Ahead Business Consulting (ABC) is an independent boutique consultancy that specialises in aiding owner-managers to secure the best possible exit: high value, less stress, low risk, and strong post-transactional standing. ABC enhances strategic value by co-creating essential business change, paving the way for negotiations and due diligence. The most successful exits are planned a year or more in advance, allowing time to enact and embed changes that better position businesses for sale. Independent expertise is crucial for completing sales Ñ especially important given that many acquisitions fail, and sellers often receive less than they hoped for.


Netting £30M for a SAAS Business
The engagement that led to us winning this prestigious Finance Monthly Deal Maker of the Year Award 2024, was with a 15-year-old SaaS company. They had a strong product and growing client base with minimal attrition, and had grown their talented team from 2 to 30. There were a lot of positives, but some existential threats: the company was at risk of becoming a minor player in an increasingly competitive market, and they were yet to make a profit.

We identified imminent threats and opportunities, leading to the development of a comprehensive strategy to enhance the company's market value and appeal to potential buyers. This involved a meticulous evaluation of their product offerings, market trends, and customer insights, which we aligned with the company's long-term goals and ambitions.

To increase their value, we recommended international expansion, focusing on core product sales, and restructuring pricing for larger, bespoke projects. The implementation of these recommendations significantly transformed the company's operational and financial performance. Establishing international offices allowed the client to enter new markets and utilise global resources to improve product innovation and service delivery.
These strategic enhancements in sales and marketing processes quickly proved effective, attracting three acquisition offers within weeks. However, the co-founders had never sold a business before, so we acted as intermediaries to lead negotiations, oversee the sale process and manage due diligence.

One of the key elements to maximise a sale value is to look for the strategic fit, and the additional value this brings. Each of the three potential buyers had a different need - which means the value of the business to them was proportionately different too.

We selected the business with a strong cultural fit, and the highest strategic value. For a business that was yet to make a profit, the initial offer of £8m was very attractive. We negotiated this up to £20m, with post-sale incentives which will increase this to £30m-£38m.

The successful sale not only secured the company's future but also doubled its sales growth, broadened its international presence, and provided staff with job security and opportunities for development within the acquiring company. And the business owners, our client, were naturally delighted with the outcome too.

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