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Romi Savova


Romi Savova founded PensionBee in 2014 to simplify pension savings in the UK, following a difficult pension transfer experience of her own. As the Chief Executive Officer, she has played a pivotal role in advancing consumer standards in the pensions industry, from reducing transfer times to campaigning for the full abolition of exit fees. Romi is also a member of the government's Pensions Dashboards Programme Steering Group, which was set up to advise on the delivery of pensions dashboards.

We're on a mission to make pensions simple so that everyone can enjoy a happy retirement.

Our customers have unique plans for their ideal retirement, whether purchasing homes close to their children, travelling around the world or simply living without any financial worries.

Pensions are often complicated, presenting a significant obstacle for consumers wanting to take control of their money. In addition, many of us have no idea what we have saved, or how our pension is being managed.

This is where PensionBee can help. Our technology platform's designed to make it easy for customers to combine their pensions into one diversified online plan, so they can take the first step towards financial freedom. We create pension calculators and retirement forecasting tools to help our customers plan ahead, so they can build a clearer picture about what they should be contributing. Then, when they reach the age of 55, we help our savers to make on-demand and appropriate withdrawals.

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