Finance Monthly - Taxation Awards 2023

Finance Monthly Taxation Awards 2023 United Kingdom 45 About Charles Tateson Having previously worked for HMRC as Senior Tax Professional for many years and now being the Founder and Managing Partner of The Tax Faculty LLP (a Tax Advisory firm which specialises in Capital Gains Tax and the more complex areas of taxation), Charles finds himself uniquely placed to help clients in the UK and overseas with their tax affairs. Charles trained to the highest possible level while in HMRC, working in Compliance roles for the majority of his twenty years there. This includes time within the Capital Gains Tax, Large Business and Fraud Investigation Service areas of HMRC. Since leaving HMRC, Charles had drawn upon his extensive experience of tax and a deep understanding of the inner-workings of HMRC in order to assist a great many clients to navigate the complexities of their tax affairs. Skilled in analysing legislation and identifying tax efficiencies for clients, Charles has both an eye for detail and is often complimented for the ease at which he can communicate the intricacies of tax with clients. About The Tax Faculty LLP Our clients trust us to provide assistance in all areas of taxation, from the everyday to the more complex. Our work covers a variety of aspects, whether this be from a proactive point of view in terms of identifying tax efficiencies for clients and advisory work, undertaking specialist compliance work such as preparing and submitting Capital Gains Tax Returns with HMRC, or from a reactive perspective when representing clients who are faced with investigations or enquires from HMRC. The testimonials that we receive from our clients serve as a constant reminder that we strive for excellence in all aspects of the work that we undertake, taking pride in the value that we provide to our clients. Combining deep technical know-how with a broad range of areas of taxation, we are confident in our ability to deliver lasting worth to all clients. As our reputation grows further afield, we have recently experienced a surge in clients from outside of the UK who have confidence in us to take care of their UK tax affairs. Founder and Managing Partner The Tax Faculty LLP Charles Tateson “The Tax Experts you need, when you need them.”

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