Finance Monthly - M&A Awards 2023

Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2023 Mexico In the intricate world of legal practice, few have navigated the labyrinth of Corporate law, Banking & Finance, and Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as adeptly as Luis G. Ramírez V. With a career spanning over two decades, he has witnessed seismic shifts in the landscape and adapted to each one, emerging as a trusted advisor for businesses across various sectors. In this candid conversation with Finance Monthly, Mr. Ramírez sheds light on the evolution of these domains, the challenges they present today, and how the pandemic has changed the M&A landscape. M&A Adviser of the Year Luis Gerardo Ramirez Villela 20 Luis, how have Corporate law, Banking & Finance, and M&A landscapes evolved over the years in the regions you predominantly operate in? In general, legal practice has evolved over the years and regions considerably. Now, with the integration of ESG principles and the evolution in the operation of companies due to the pandemic and recession, everything has changed. From the banking and finance perspective, today, it is more complicated to obtain and negotiate financing terms and conditions, while in the M&A market, the impact has been in the reduction of transactions. Can you share a notable case or transaction in which you played a significant role and the key challenges you encountered? Recently, I had an M&A transaction where we encountered several issues not only related to the consequences of the pandemic but also due to recent changes in applicable laws, which made me create a different structure for potentially closing the transaction. Since we were acquiring, the key challenges were related not only to the M&A closing with respect to determining the risks derived from the pandemic and changes in the law but also to obtaining the financing for such purposes, which, in this year, is more complicated than before the pandemic. With global economic shifts and the emergence of new financial technologies, how have client needs and challenges transformed in Banking & Finance? Clients’ needs, at least in the regions I work with, have not changed that much; however, everyone is challenged by these new technologies, and therefore, structuring loans

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