Finance Monthly - Global Awards 2022

Finance Monthly Global Awards 2022 Mexico 79 About ErnestoAguilarNavarro "I was born in Cocula Jalisco, a small town in Mexico – the land where Mariachi music originated. Being born into a humble household was not an impediment for my development; through tireless efforts, my parents supported me in obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. It was during that period that I also started working part-time as a way to help my family past our financial hurdles. In 1991, I started working for Honda while also continuing my education. I obtained an MBA and a PhD in Business and Economics at the University of Guadalajara and a PhD in Coaching and Human Development at IUPS. I have also been a certified coach with the International Coach Federation since 2008. I attended the Management Competencies Program by ICAMI, the Situational Leadership Program by Ken Blanchard, the Project Management Program by International Institute for Learning. For more than 33 years, I have been working in the field of general accounting and gaining experience in USGAAP, financial and monthly reports, finance, cost accounting, asset management, inventory control, finance strategy, auditing, business planning, cost-out initiatives, Investment control and management development competencies for new leadership generation. I have collaborated in several projects as Project Leader while implementing Peoplesoft’s new finance suite. I have also taken part in feasibility studies of new facilities and costing for new models of goods. It is a great honour for me to receive this 2022 Finance Monthly Global Award in the category of Strategic Planning - Mexico. I hope this is a source of inspiration for many people living in adverse conditions, working on building a better life. If I get to contribute a little bit to their journey, then it will all be worth it. I believe that finance is a tool for reducing inequity in underdeveloped countries, fostering a financial culture, reducing debt, building up savings and investing in education, health and infrastructure. This is the key to improving quality of life for the underprivileged. Today, our world is living in economic uncertainty. This calls for the creation of solid financial projects to stabilise our complex environment, to create confidence and safety in the future. These circumstances require new leaders with the tenacity to face these challenges and create new possibilities that provide the financial security needed for optimal social and economic development. Today, the economy's challenges have outgrown current economic theories. We need new models that focus on maximising the development of human potential as well as the care and wellbeing of the environment. These new perspectives can guide us in driving financial stability. The current economic stagnation and crisis, as well as our new everyday challenges, will not be overcome through financial strategies applied in the past. We live in a changing environment dominated by instability and distrust, which privileges the interests of groups that do not represent our general welfare. It is required that financial strategies prioritise human capital in the making of economic decisions, where wellbeing, employment generation and environment protection are privileged for achieving sustainable economic growth. Therefore, I consider financial markets to be part of the evolutionary development of human nature. I believe that finance should be considered a tool for fulfillment in an era of new human consciousness that manifests itself in several fields of human endeavour, including the financial markets. As for how I personally live by these principles, I have a lifelong commitment to continuous learning, developing my potential and helping others through consulting and coaching. In this endeavour, I have the discipline to run 40 miles per week." Advisor, Strategic Planning | Ernesto Aguilar Navarro Ernesto Aguilar Navarro Guadalajara, Mexico Tel: 331 155 7716 Email: . Ernesto Aguilar Navarro

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