Finance Monthly - Global Awards 2022

Finance Monthly Global Awards 2022 Argentina 71 About FabiánKon Mr. Kon obtained a degree in national public accounting from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has worked at Pistrelli, Diaz y Asociados, Accenture, Exolgan Container Terminal and Tradecom, in managerial positions. From 2006 to February 2014, he served as Galicia Seguros’ Chief Executive Officer and was appointed as Banco Galicia’s retail banking manager in March 2014. Mr. Kon is also the vice chairman of Tarjetas Regionales and director of Tarjeta Naranja. He was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Financiero Galicia since July 2020. About Grupo FinancieroGalicia We are one of the leading financial services holding companies in Argentina. Through our subsidiaries, we provide savings, credit, investment, insurance, advisory and digital solutions to individuals and companies, prioritizing customers experience, sustainable development, and digital transformation. With more than 110 years of experience, we are a group of financial services companies in Argentina. We are integrated by: Banco Galicia, Naranja X, Galicia Seguros, Galicia Asset Management, Inviu and Galicia Securities. We are focus on generating a positive impact in our economic, social, and environmental performance while achieving an efficient resource management which allows us to guarantee sustained profitability over the years. We are more than 9,000 employees committed to improve the daily lives of more people and companies by being closer, agile and digital. We promote a sustainability management based on our principles and values that lead the conduct of our employees, which are reflected in innovative social and environmental investment policies, practices and programs. Our target is to be the largest and most valuable financial platform in Argentina with a regional perspective, that offers a distinctive customer experience and leads the industry in operational efficiency by relying on the best talents and contributing to the sustainable development of the country. CEO | Grupo Financiero Galicia Fabián Kon Grupo Financiero Galicia Tel: 54 0 11 4343 7528 Website: Fabián Kon Our target is to be the largest and most valuable financial platform in Argentina

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