Finance Monthly - Global Awards 2022

Finance Monthly Global Awards 2022 USA 39 TheGirl fromEl Vedado (Cuba) It’s been a long arduous road for the fifteen-yearold Cuban girl coming to the US with emotions, expectations, doubts, but overall excitement to see a new country… an enormous, big new country. This girl was fortunate to have parents that gave her an education including a second language; English. For this girl high school and attending college was not a challenge. She found out that she understood the language and was able to excel in all academic levels. Working and studying was a way of life to assist the family unit which included many cousins and their parents that later arrived at the states escaping the political regimen. Marriage came at an early age of 21 and was followed up by two beautiful daughters. Her husband’s position required relocation; thus, she moved as a family to other areas of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Familiarity with the snow and weather patterns was a growing process as the tropical warm weather from Cuba and South Florida were of her preference. When she finally completed her university education at Florida Atlantic University, she worked in the banking industry, and soon came the desire of establishing a real estate business as many family members and friends often seek her help in all matters related to real estate and finance. The rest is history. The appraisal profession came into light and with both licensure of real estate and appraisal practices, many years of prosperity as well as years of famish followed; but overall, it was good. The motto during all these decades was to assist and solve problems for the public. Toward her retirement age and with a husband that was challenged with health issues, she applied to work for the Miami-Dade Property Appraiser office and the journey began again. A decade and more later she is still working for the public in the capacity of Director of the Commercial Division, working to solve their problems, concerns and delivering excellence every day. How does she do it? With enthusiasm and discipline. She is appreciative of what has been given to her and maintains this motto: 'BE A PROBLEM SOLVER... NOT A PROBLEM CREATOR.' Aida Stocking, ASA, SRA, CFE Aida Stocking, ASA, SRA, CFE 111 NW 1st Street, Suite 710 Miami, Florida 33128 Tel. 305-342-2690 Aida Stocking Be a problem solver... Not a problem creator.

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