Finance Monthly - Global Awards 2022

Finance Monthly Global Awards 2022 USA 34 Whatwas your vision in foundingGreenFutureWealth Management? When founding Green Future Wealth Management, I wanted to create a firm dedicated to helping clients manifest their values in their financial lives while planning for what is ahead. I wanted to build a large firm with a regional and, one day, national footprint. Now, only two years after our founding, we have three office locations throughout New England and have expanded into offering tax planning and preparation as well as helping businesses and organisations integrate sustainability into their retirement plans, in addition to our focus on financial planning, investing and wealth management. Inwhatwaysdoyour team enshrine sustainabilitywhen it comes toassistingclientswith financial decision-making? It is really important for us to focus on the specific values of our clients, rather than trying to shoe-horn them into a one-sizefits-all ESG investment portfolio. Part of our client engagement process entails helping our clients explore which values are most meaningful to them in their investments as well as their lives in general. Sustainable or socially responsible investing means dramatically different things to different individuals and organisations, so we try not to come to the table with any preconceived notions about what our clients may want. Whatmotivates you toachieve strong returns for your clients? We are motivated by helping our clients to achieve their goals and by helping them solve problems. One of the reasons we focus so much on financial planning and tax planning with our clients is because we believe it is where we can bring the most tangible value to our clients. It is really difficult to accomplish a financial goal in the future if you do not know how much money you need, when you need it, and what your plan of action is along the way. Most of our clients already have ‘enough money’, but they are not certain that they are taking advantage of all of the opportunities available to them. Most of them have a lot of questions about how their current investments stack up on the issues that are most important to them, like climate change and sustainability. Being able to help our clients navigate through retirement, sending kids and grandkids to college, selling a business, and achieving their philanthropy and legacy goals while also aligning their assets with their values is incredibly rewarding work. Howareyour teamutilisingnew technology tomake this happen? We are lucky to be able to work closely and collaborate with some of the most cutting-edge fintech tools out there. In particular, we have developed a strong relationship with our sustainability data tool, YourStake. Through our relationship with them we are able to customize client portfolios using over 100 different sustainability metrics. They have been really great partners and have worked with us on developing customised sustainability metrics that we can use when a client has a particular ethical value that they want incorporated in their investment portfolios. We also use YourStake’s values-screening questionnaire to help us engage with clients and prospects and gain greater insight into the issues that are most meaningful to them. Outside of the ESG analytics space, we utilize Y charts within our investment committee to analyse our investment solutions from a purely financial view. We are lucky tobe able toworkclosely andcollaboratewith some of themost cutting-edgefintech tools out there.

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