Finance Monthly - Deal Maker Awards 2023

Dear Readers, Welcome to the special edition of Finance Monthly, where we present our prestigious Dealmaker of the Year Awards. An annual celebration, these awards honor the exceptional achievements of the most influential and innovative professionals who have displayed unparalleled excellence in the realm of dealmaking. This year, despite the complexities posed by a global economic landscape in recovery, we’ve seen some truly remarkable transactions that have shaped industries and charted new directions for growth and investment. Our Dealmaker of the Year awardees have not just navigated these turbulent waters with skill and insight but have also demonstrated strategic foresight, remarkable negotiation acumen, and an unwavering commitment to their clients. In this issue, we showcase a diverse group of dealmakers who have made their mark across sectors and regions, from mergers and acquisitions to finance, private equity, venture capital, real estate, and beyond. These dealmakers have shown a remarkable ability to create value, drive growth, and deliver solutions that have a transformative impact on businesses. As we unfold the stories of these accomplished individuals, we aim to provide you with an insider’s look into their strategies, their challenges, their victories, and the extraordinary deals that set them apart in 2023. We’ve included comprehensive interviews that delve deep into their thoughts and perspectives on the current state of global finance, the evolving deal-making landscape, and the future of their respective sectors. A standout feature of this issue is our exclusive interview with Borge Seeger of Neuwerk. As an exemplary figure in the finance industry, Seeger’s deal-making strategies have had a transformative impact on Neuwerk and the broader finance community. The Dealmaker of the Year Awards serves as a testament to the tireless efforts and relentless pursuit of excellence by these esteemed professionals. It also reflects Finance Monthly’s ongoing commitment to recognizing and highlighting top-tier talent and innovation within the global financial community. As you navigate through this issue, we hope you find inspiration in these stories of outstanding leadership, tenacity, and strategic insight. Whether you are an investor, a fellow professional in finance, or an interested observer of global financial trends, these pages promise a wealth of knowledge and a fascinating exploration of the art of the deal. Enjoy the read! 7 Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2023 INTRODUCTION Mark Palmer Editor

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